Obligation to Maintain and File Beneficial Ownership Information

On 22 March 2019, the Department of Finance released regulations to set up a Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Corporates. Under the regulations, members of the public will have access to certain information contained on the Central Register, including the name, nationality and month and year of birth of beneficial owners, but will NOT have access to additional information such as their residential address, which is available only to […]

European Business Number

Summer is here, the weather is good and the number of pest species is on the rise! Many of my clients have received an ‘offer’ from a company calling itself European Business Number (EBN). The contents may be slightly different from previous efforts on pale grey paper from EBN, but its purpose is the same, to act as a trigger for once the form has been signed and returned by […]

Coeliacs and Diabetics

Tax relief on certain foods. As anyone who requires a coeliac or diabetic diet will confirm it is definitely more expensive to purchase such specialised foods. Thankfully they are becoming more readily available in supermarkets across Ireland, on average the costs may be twice as much as standard food items. However, there is tax relief of 20% available on the cost of such foods. To qualify for tax relief you […]

Thank You, and tell a friend!

Believe it or not Doran & Co has just had its 12th Anniversary! We want to take a moment to thank all of our clients for allowing us to continue to be their taxation and trusted financial advisor. We understand that it is very important that you have an advisor that you can trust and whose primary concern is for a healthy financial future for you and yours. We believe […]

Better Call Paul

Better Call Paul Many clients are reluctant to call their accountant. They may feel that they are being a nuisance, that their question might seem unimportant or that they will incur a higher fee just for asking! The truth is that we at Doran & Co encourage our clients to call, we don’t even charge for telephone calls in fact. Why? Well, sometimes it’s better to give your accountant a […]

Are you in a Rom Com with your Accountant?

We are all familiar with romantic comedy films, you may not like them but most of us have sat through our fair share. While I cannot profess to be an expert on the genre it has occurred to me that there is a formula to romantic comedies. Usually there is a central character of the movie, he/she may be involved with what appears to be the dream relationship, and life […]

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to Doran & Co. financial & business advice blog. Over the coming months we will be populating this blog with valuable business advice so that you can get the most out of your business.