European Business Number

Summer is here, the weather is good and the number of pest species is on the rise!

Many of my clients have received an ‘offer’ from a company calling itself European Business Number (EBN). The contents may be slightly different from previous efforts on pale grey paper from EBN, but its purpose is the same, to act as a trigger for once the form has been signed and returned by post, the invoices will start pouring in.

This is how it works: the client receive a letter, including a form with some details already filled in and a return envelope. Recipients are typically under the impression that the pre-printed details need to be checked or altered, and where necessary information needs to be added.  It looks so legitimate.

They are unaware that once they have returned the form, using the convenient return envelope, they will have signed a contract and can now expect to receive invoices. Clever eh?

Our advice
There is no obligation to sign and return the form, for the simple reason that the sender is not an official E.U. or public institution. Should you have signed it, then please remember you have the right to cancel any agreement within a period of 14 days. Do this by registered post or registered email and request confirmation of your cancellation.




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