She’ll do anything for love (but she won’t do VAT)

Seamus is a busy man working hard, building up a nice business in the South East. Always on the go he often says he would “rather eat the paperwork than do it”. A big man with a big heart his favorite musician is Meat Loaf and the music can often be heard from his van when he calls to us.

Seamus met Mary and it was a match made in heaven. She was well organised and soon put a shape on the paperwork Seamus was avoiding. After a couple of years Seamus let us know that Mary was going to do his VAT from now on.

We noticed the VAT returns were being returned later than usual. Seamus had a growing business, Mary had a day job and now they had children; some slippage was inevitable. They were trying to stay on top of everything and to quote Seamus “two out of three ain’t bad”.

The moment finally came. Seamus was trying to watch a match one night, Mary was at the kitchen table trying to do paperwork, missing invoices was the spark for the discussion.

The next day Seamus dropped two large boxes of accounts material off at our office. He looked me at me sheepishly and said “She will do anything for love ( but she won’t do VAT)”.

Many people think they are saving money by doing their VAT themselves. As well as compliance and accuracy issues it does not always work out. We are here for when help is needed.

Seamus and Mary -the names have been changed to protect the guilty- are still happily together, we are still doing the V.A.T.

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