Are you in a Rom Com with your Accountant?

We are all familiar with romantic comedy films, you may not like them but most of us have sat through our fair share. While I cannot profess to be an expert on the genre it has occurred to me that there is a formula to romantic comedies.

Usually there is a central character of the movie, he/she may be involved with what appears to be the dream relationship, and life on the surface appears idyllic. However there are tell-tale signs that all is not well such as feigned interest from the other half, calls not being returned and the general feeling that you are being taken for granted.

The only person that you can rely on is the quiet unassuming type that you always knew was there but never looked at in that way. Sooner or later a crisis happens that helps the main character make up his or her mind.

Well, are you in a Rom Com with your Accountant?

You and your business are the central character. You work very hard and you see your accountant –your other half in business – once a year or so but you really don’t like to bother him too much because they always seem a little too busy for you and calls sometimes don’t get returned.

Then the crisis happens. This could be a Revenue Audit or a set of accounts needed quickly to help the bank grant that loan that you require for expansion. It doesn’t matter; you are let down at the time of your greatest need. All this helps crystallise the concerns that you had kept hidden up until now. You have made the decision: You are going to change your accountant.

You pick Doran & Co. – the quiet unassuming type – mentioned earlier. You like the attention, the ease of contact, the professional advice and well, the lack of drama.

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