Better Call Paul

Many clients are reluctant to call their accountant. They may feel that they are being a nuisance, that their question might seem unimportant or that they will incur a higher fee just for asking!

The truth is that we at Doran & Co encourage our clients to call, we don’t even charge for telephone calls in fact. Why? Well, sometimes it’s better to give your accountant a call than be in doubt about something that proves harder to fix later.

Many clients are unsure about a finance decision, such as should they buy the new van through leasing or HP. Some clients are doing their own VAT return and may need advice on how to treat a particular item. Sometimes clients just need advice before they make a financial decision.

In the long term this assists us as if we give advice before something happens this ensures that the client is on the right track. This makes our life easier when it comes to doing accounts as sometimes it is not possible to put the Genie back in the bottle. That is why it’s better to call Paul!

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