COVID 19 and the Small Business Owner

COVID-19 is an unfolding event bringing huge uncertainty to every small business in Ireland.

What is important is how you react and what you do to mitigate any damage to your staff and your business .

There are some steps that need to be taken by every small business owner to protect their business and cope with the current challenge provided by COVID-19.

Ensure staff safety first and foremost. If staff must be sent home make sure that they avail of the Government supports to allow them to continue to look after their families.

Continue to engage with customers and suppliers. We are all in this together and problems shared lead to innovative solutions.

Avail of any supports that the Government has made available to the SME sector. Work to ensure that your business is prepared for lift off when life returns to normality.

If this becomes the new normal we will learn together to adapt to the circumstances. Whether your business involves delivery of a training course or delivery of a pizza Irish businesses will innovate to provide a solution.

Finally, engage with your trusted advisors early should problems arise.

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